Mergers and acquisitions are a way to fast track growth. Conventional wisdom says that somewhere between 50% and 90% fail. Despite all the due diligence available the reality of the merger/purchase will only become evident after the deal is done. Someone is left to take the business forward for good and for bad. Often M&A advisors are hired at high cost and significant financial incentive to ensure a target is acquired no matter what. Theoretical paper-based valuations can be alluring but misleading. Once the contract is struck it is up to the owners and managers to live with the consequences.

Even in small companies’ culture and integration challenges are  huge when merging businesses. This is where most projects fail. Often significant workload is added to already stretched managers risking the original successful parts of the business.

Axiom uniquely works with owners to honestly assess that a deal is beneficial in the long term and that all things taken into account the price is right.

Conversely, the ambition of many owners is the sell their company. But selling a business is not easy and conventional wisdom says that a suprisingly small number of companies on the market ever get sold. Axiom understands how raw the business sale process is and works by your side often using our network of associates to ensure that not only are financial ambitions met but that  many other important owner aspirations are considered.

We are also able to advise how to carry out an IPO without having to attain the size and scale of a corporate.

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