Interest in being an entrepreneur has never been greater but it is well known that most start-ups fail within the first five years. Many of these failures could have been avoided with the application of some common sense and a little experienced advice but the majority of outside business consultants are only interested in working for large companies and big fees leaving start-ups on their own.

We believe that entrepreneurs are our future. The more start ups that survive the greater will be the contribution to society. We understand that small companies are often unable to afford large fees and are prepared to price our services accordingly.

Our unique strategies for start ups are proven to increase their chances of survival. Often only a small amount of advice is needed. A 10-minute conversation can be enough to point a business in the right direction.

Our ACADEMY course ” Start Up” is specifically designed for new entrepreneurs and those thinking of starting a business. Enrolling will help ensure that your start up makes it through the first five years. It will also motivate entrepreneurs who have experienced a failure to begin again.

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