Life for most entrepreneurs and business people is not all about IPO’s, fast cars and big salaries. Yes, this world exists for a small number, but most live under the constant pressure of long hours, stress, risk and potentially broken relationships. They can find it difficult to get the right staff. Money is a constant source of pressure.

We all know business people for whom the opposite is the case. They don’t work every hour under the sun. They have plenty of time for family, friends and outside interests. They find it easy to build a great team around them to take the pressure. They have no money worries. Some sell company after company at just the right time extracting maximum value. So how do they work less and make more?

The POLAR process, developed by Axiom, will change the way you think and make decisions before helping you analyse the five main cornerstones of your organisation. After attending a POLAR workshop, you will be able to reduce the hours you work and the stress you are under, be better able to delegate and be free of constant financial pressures.

Our ACADEMY will provide a range of on-line courses for the entrepreneur. The first course “Entrepreneurial” aimed specifically at those thinking of starting a business and new entrepreneurs is available now.